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I don't know but I think I should say this because I think it's important or.... whatever you see this as either tedious or annoying or inspiring? I don't know how you'll react to a repeated talk but this just depends on how you interpret this as. 

So recently (literally a few hours or less ago) mom went through old things in the basement and she pulled out my old container full of stuffed animals I've been bought in stores or at an amusement park I went to various times during the summer around the time of my birthday. While mom went through the containers, I saw my old and probably first bookbag ever attending school growing up from the school system, I saw a folder and sifted through it and found this 

This is probably the first Fan character I drew over 12 years ago. I have a strong suspicious thought that I drew this while in my Sasuke phase. (Who didn't love him when you first saw his?) Her name wasn't on the front or back so I have some thought I was going to throw her at him and make him extremely OOC and everything but I'm just like "I drew this? This is as old my sister... god I can't believe this." And you know... cringed and laughed some internal pain away.

I have no clear idea why I did this. But anyways. The improvement over the course of 12 years is crazy. To be honest this seems so HUGE to me I mean, this improvement pace seems so slow but it's worth it. "12 years?!" I've been asked this over the course of time on how long I've been drawing since I was younger than that. By now I think I should be a higher up in drawing but I'm pretty content where I am now. From that to drawing like Watersui by Ootsutsuki and doing something like  Leonardno Oscarprio by Ootsutsuki  and ALSO Sasukeeeeeeeeeeh by Ootsutsuki

Its so amazing (and embarrassing) to look at old art because it's inspiring and a reminder that you'll get better and better if you just look forward in drawing, even if you don't reach you're desired goal of drawing it honestly takes time you'll progress faster or slower than 12 years. It'll look like you're at the same level but the changes are very subtle, I think my advice would be stop doubting (don't be me) and being intimidated by others (that's not cool, I actually stopped for 3 years before and if I didn't I think I would've been better... honestly.) Just do you and Try, Try, Try, Rinse and Repeat

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